Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend :)

19.05.12 - Saturday :)

went to Mydin for family day :)
there have many people ,
really people mountain people sea ._.

my outfit's :) 

i watch this cartoon before :P

actually ,
so damn bored at there .
nothing different with Tesco Extra ._.
but big like Aeon .

when i'm waiting my mummy to buy things :/

we went there from 10am to 3pm ._.
people at there is such crazy !
and we pay money ,
we need to wait almost 30minutes ._.
mummy bought me this few things :)

 my Sunsilk Shampoo and Pringles :)

 new red pant and belt :)

new slipper , red also :D
mine red , sis's pink , damn cute !

20.05.12 - Sunday :)

today is 520 .
actually it's nothing special ,
but it's just a date for every couple to say ILOVEYOU to each others :)
i say to him and he say to me also :$

i'm just too free , LOL

and i went to cut my hair also :/
my long long hair become short .
you see !

please grow faster !
grow longer and longer :(

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