Monday, December 24, 2012

Genting Trip !

18.12.2012 - 19.12.2012

the holiday was almost end , and i'm just started my holiday trip . haha . the first trip was went to genting , with my 8 classmates and 1 new friend :) class trip ? hmm , can say so . but we call it for graduation trip . that day early in the morning 9am , all of us went to pui yen's house for waiting the van . then the van reached , we started our journey :D

on the van !

after 3 hours , we reach awana hotel , it just at the half hill . we reach there and check in , then went to our room . i still remember that our room was at the floor 17 , room number is 17554 :p when i step in the room , the first thing i did was make up ! haha :p after make up , come let's take photo together :p

this is our dai hap jiu , nice ? :)

after we rest at the hotel , we go out to wait the bus for fetch us to genting on almost 1pm . the bus was prepared by the awana hotel , so we don't need to worried about the transport to genting or back hotel :)
while we was waiting the coming of the bus , all of us take photo again :p then the bus reach , we went up to the bus . 10 of us choose to sit at behind , so we can chat together easily . but when the bus went up to genting , you know what we do ? not chatting , it's shouting ! ._. you know why ? because the bus drive are getting crazy , he drive so damn fast ! the bus keep goyang here and goyang there , all of us keep shout here and there , it's more excited than playing the roller coaster ._. when we sitting the bus , we keep imagine that how we back tonight ?! so dangerous you know arh uncle ! ._. 

yan yan & pui yen

spot the colour on her hair , big like !


in the bus ! 
we used few minutes to take a photo ._.

teh , where are you seeing ? :p

after 20 minutes , we reach genting safely ._. finally ! we went mcd to have our lunch first . finally i know why my mum ask me to bring some bread to genting , the things at there was freaking expensive ! ._. i spend almost RM15 for my lunch , it's just a normal nugget set . lol

lunch together :)

we keep walk here and there after lunch . we went to the musuem called "Belive it or not" . after bought the ticket , we went inside . there has many things that i have not seen before ! 

spot on her leg !

the most expensive dress ! 
it used almost 500 years to make it , you believe ? haha 

see , i'm kissing the snake :*

the giant chair !

why was the hand so big ?!

don't drop down , pleaseee !

ignore my ugly face ._.

the tallest man !

acting pro :p

having the dai hap jiu again ! :p

then went to play haunted house . but i'm not playing , i'm scare :p just 4 of them went to play , and 6 of us went shopping :p while they queue up for playing haunted house , i saw him and his friends at there too . haha :p after they playing haunted house , we went out to outdoor and took photo . there was many people playing cosplay , and i saw the one piece leng zai . awww :$

while waiting the others :p

crazy us ! :p

#i'm lazy to type now , just show photo :p

at starbucks !

hak chiu with me :p

we have nothing to do , we are sitting on the stairs , lol

after take picture and all this , we went to have our dinner :) after dinner , we went to bus station and went back to hotel at almost 10pm . actually we planned to back at 1am something , but we are already freaking tired ._. so we back earlier . the bus reach , luckily it's not the same driver as today afternoon , haha :p after reach hotel , we went back to our room and bath one by one . i'm the last one ._. after bath , went out and have a walk at almost 12am :) we went to the mini garden there and playing poker :p after poker , went to the lobby and online for free . then back to our room at almost 1am and i fall asleep at 2am something .

why your face so blur ? haha

dou san behind me ! :p

pui yen was online-ing :p

our room :)

the second day , i wake up at 9am something . once we wake up , we prepared for went up to genting again :p all of them went to bath but i didn't . i just wash my face , brush my teeth and make up :p we need to check out at 12pm and the first for went genting it's also start at 12pm :/ so we need to wait the time pass in our room . and we take photo again :p

outfit of second day :)

with clover :)

we are so short :o

spot at our shorts :p
we bought together at genting yesterday :)

girlssss .

reflection .

with wen hao :)

this is our new friend .
we call her biao jie :p

then we went to check out at almost 12pm . after check out , we went to the bus station and wait the first bus to fetch us again . but the bad thing happens ._. the bus was came at 12.45pm . shit ! we wait at there for almost 1 hour ! maybe this is the second car we think , the first bus already gone when we check out . maybe ._. once we reach genting , we went to first world hotel to join kai leng . we having lunch together and went shopping together :) and i bought a sunglasses at padini , P&Co . then she backed kl at 3.20pm with her boyyy . then we went starbucks and join back pui yen them . i had my starbucks again :/ we chit-chat at there till 5pm , our van reach . we need to back ipoh :( time passed so fucking fast , we had played at there for 2 days :( and i spent RM230 for this trip , almost bankrupt :/