Thursday, December 13, 2012


061212 , a special date for me . it's the last day of having SPM and the last day of going to school . is this a good news ? nope , i think . cause i'm gonna graduate today ! after graduate , i can't meet with the friends  i want to meet everyday . ohhh ! i really can't accept that i already graduate now ! after having the paper 1 of economic , having break and took photo with friends :)

my mother school , smjk poi lam ! 

my class teacher .
actually i don't know what she called ._.

with sannnnn .

with wennnnn .

the gang in class :)

the most 'kici miao' girl in my class , siou cing :)

hmm , ex daddy teng xuan . haha

the bestie ! hui ying :)

onn zai ! :)

in the exam hall ! before the second paper of economic start .
we took this photo while teacher is passing the exam paper for us :p

after the exam was end , all people are getting crazy ! some of them stay in their car , open radio and turn on the aircond , some of them keep took photo with friends , some of them keep sign their big name on other's dress and shirt :) 

the last photo i took in school , with tehh :)

look at my dress ! fulled of their big name :p

okay , my post was end . friends , although we can't meet everyday , we should keep contact with each others kay ? ;) 
i'll miss you all ! :'D

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