Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sky Lounge & Euro House


same day also :p
KahYee date me to Sky Lounge :)
after i back home ,
i bath quickly and make up :p
7pm something ,
XinYi reach my house for fetch me :)
XinYi and me is the person who reach Sky Lounge .
then we wait all of them coming at the ground floor of MH Hotel :)
there is such a beautiful hotel :)

 my look :D

outfit ! ;)

with Xinyi ,
she so tall because of she wearing high heels !

Huimei is the second person who reach :p

 these three girls are my bestie forever :)
when i'm feel unhappy , they will cheer me up .
thank you ! :* ILY :p

the last girl !
Kahyee reach also :D




then ,
we waiting the boys coming :/
KuanKeen , Dickson , AunJian and Ah Fai .
after they reach ,
we went up to Sky Lounge ;D

the chair is damn nice :D

with my kei gah lou , KuanKeen :)

drinking HoneyDew :D


we stay at there until 9pm something ,
KuanKeen ask me to have next round with them .
Euro House :p
then ,
we all went to the next round except KahYee and XinYi .

by my cousin , Soon Keat :)

when we reach ,
there have no more places .
so we need to wait outside :/


kei gah lou again , hahaha :p

we wait until almost 11pm ,
Dickson fetch me and HuiMei back home :/
cause Dickson still need to go jj for meet hie family .
so , 
Huimei and me didn't enter Euro :(
just Fai , AunJian , MoonYung , SoonKeat , Tiger , KuanKeen and WaiChun enter :(
sad case :(
but i already having some happy hour with them , 

Poi Lam Idol 2012


that day ,
i back to school at 8am something to prepare for the Poi Lam Idol :)
i'm the host of today too .

 tweety bird :D

 Play the music !

 three of us so cute , right ? :p

after that ,
Yoon Lin , Si En , Syndy and me went to set our hair :p
Syndy's bf fetch ,
at Si En's mum salon :)
the event start at 12.00pm .
but when we finish setting our hair ,
it's already late :/
luckily all of the participant haven't reach yet ,
so we can't start the event .
when i reach school ,
Vanessa , WaiChun , AunJian and HuiMei already reach too :)

this is my look , nice ? :)

while waiting the event start :/

finally START !

Vanessa ! :D

my ah luii , Vanessa got performance too :)
she's singing < Born This Way >
damn nice ! :D

i'm sitting beside the stage :p

 rest time :)


 Wai Chun

 my cousin , Soon Keat

 the judge and she is also my primary's teacher :)

after rest :)

congrate those who had won in the Poi Lam Idol :)
after that ,
Dickson come and fetch all of us to Parade for having our lunch .
then lepak awhile ,
4pm something ,
he fetch us back home :p
cause tonight we hang out again :D