Thursday, December 29, 2011


first time went Sitiawan actually :P
daddy bring us to the temple that call 大伯公庙 .
they are so nice :)
and i have nothing to say . 
hmm . see photo lar :P

rest :P

many monkeys inside :)

my sister .

i am a pig :o

small small eyes :P

after went to temple ,
we went to eat seafood ! :D

daughter of my daddy's friend .
her mummy is a malay woman
and her daddy is a chinese man .

after eat seafood ,
we went back ipoh .
then mummy went to do facial :)

when i was waiting her :)

then we went to the Tesco at Station 18 .
just for fun .
my sister play in the theme park .
i was accompany them .

after eating dinner ,
we back home ;)
a wonderful day for me :D 

my new hairstyle

i change my new hairstyle .
like a child -.-
and i change my style too .
a xiu mui mui style :D

nice ? haha :P

Shiang Yang Gathering

early in the morning ,
i went to Bercham for the Shiang Yang Gathering .

see the badge .
a cute pig :D
Tan Yeh and Foo :)
longgggg time no see .
i miss Foo muchhhhh ;')
dai hap jiu :D
playing game .

time for the cooking competition .
our coy was take part too:)

nice ? :)
my member cook it .
menu :D
when almost 6 o'clock ,
all of the people need to stand by at the field .
waiting for went inside the hall .

Tan Yeh and me .
Hua Lian Scout make this -.-
our coy also take part in the dance competition .
and Yin Teng also take part in this competition too :)
when the time of free dance ,
Pui Teng and me sing the Happy Birthday song to Yin Teng .
cause his birthday is the another day of the Gathering .
at last , 
we won in the cooking competition .
we get 1st Runner Up in cooking competition !
and we get another trophy .
do you know what is that ?
i can't believe we can get this trophy ><
opps !
it's The Best Supporting ! :D
when we know we get this trophy ,
we all jump so high and scream non-stop ! 
because our senior want this trophy when they are still a junior guide .

Do you see the trophy is so high ?
it's the trophy of The Best Supporting !

souvenir .
and i took picture with my friends who came from Penang :)
they are Kwei and Seang Hock .

Kwei .
Seang Hock .
my gor gor :)
opps ! the trophy is taller than me -.-
my fiend from Yuk Choy , Coolboy .
we two seem like just finish shopping -.-
the badge that Seang Hock gave us .
thank youuuu :)
after that , Coolboy fetch me to my daddy there .
thanks you so muchhh , haha .
that's all ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the day i hang with my cousin .

we went parade shopping and watch movie :)
大英雄 小男人 !
my friend Kimixi was inside the movie ,
but i didn't see him .
sorry :P

Petaling Street Warr
大英雄 小男人
then we go take photo :D

 then we back home at 6 something together .
after that , 
mummy bring me to Ampang pasar malam :D
i bought a new phone cover :)
RED !! :)

front .
behind .