Sunday, August 22, 2010

i love Leo's function so much ! ♥

 Poi Lam Leo's banner

today morning so unlucky ! ><
today morning want go Tower Regency ,
but i oversleep !

my friend who fetch me go Tower Regency ,
wait me at Jusco for a long time .

when i wake up ,
open my phone ,
when i open ,
my phone shake and shake and shake !
my phone got many massage and 16 misscalls !
all massage also my friend urgent me ,
reach Tower Regency as fast as possible .
sorry , Wong Shiao Mei .
you wait me at Jusco for a long time .

when i reach Tower Regency ,
luckily all leo's AJK haven entrance .
hehess . =]

                     Leo's function .

at there , i see many leng zai ^^
especially Sam Tet's leo .
Sam Tet got a member damn leng zai and damn yeng ! ♥
he got a performance .
he perform violin and guitar !
wahh . yeng dou BOOM !

leng zai ♥

me and friends take photo at toilet .
hehess . we so self-loving ><


i so regret i din go take the leng zai's phone num T.T
i miss the leng zai so much ! ♥
and i ♥ leo so much !

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