Sunday, August 8, 2010

all about you ___ milk ♥

do you know i love you deeply ?
i can't forget you , cause you always appear in my life..
i don't want anything about you ,
i just simply want your accompany !
i won't let you go away from my mind..
when i need your accompany , you are not beside me..
you just leave me alone at the corner and back to your world..
someone live in your heart is her , not me..
but someone live in my heart is you !
when you talk to her , i will jealous about her..
i hate her , i hate her deeply ! but you love her deeply..!
i ever i promised that , i will not cry for you..
but i can't live up to..
why i always drop in your trap and i can't rise up..
i know i need a lot of time to rise up from your trap..
if you don't want to accompany with me ,
i don't mind to be your accompanyist..
you are the most important people in my life ,
but i just the commonness people in your life !
i don't know whether even i'm the important people in your life ,
if i'm the important people in your life , even if one second ,
i also will feel happiness !
why you can just simply lay down our sensation ,
and development a new sen sation to oyher people ?
are you a playboy or wat ? i don't think so..
can i belive wat your saying ? i oso don't know..
ishh..i'm so confused now..who can help me ?
but i'm so confirm I LOVE YOU DEEPLY !

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