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Leo Club's function ♥

3.6.2011 ♥

Leo Club's IR Day :)
* IR Day = International Relationship Day .
this function was held at my school - SMJK Poi Lam .
many leos' from other schools came to our function .
Sam Tet , AMC , St.Micheal .....
Xin Yi , Hui Ying , Kimixi , Jeng Haw , Ayden went the function tooo :D
they all wear so leng zai and leng lui :)
we all got our works at that day ,
me , Xinyi and Hui Ying were incharged food .
before the performance , all school were shouted "ROAR" !
our school's Leo also :)
HAHAHA , i sit beside with xiu didi - Kais and Kent .
then it's performance time :D
after the performance ,
all leos play a game :)
* GAME - all people were get a balloon ,
all the balloon balloon also have a name ,
but the name was other people's name .
we need to find out the owner of the balloon with our body language .
when the music start , we can move to find the owner .
but when the music stop , we cant movie anymore .
when the game start ,
i walk around to find my balloon and the owner .
finally , i found that the owner of the balloon i hold was a Sam Tet's Leo .
and his friend was holding my balloon , Sam Tet's Leo also ><"
11.00am , me , Xin Yi , Hui Ying went to canteen to prepared food .
after eating , we back to dewan .
when i back to dewan , i knew that my balloon was broken :(
Kais keep saying sorry to me , he broke my balloon :(
then he give me his balloon :P
the function was finish at 12.xxpm .
HAHAHA , i went took photo with Kais and Kent :)
first time took photo with Kais :$ LOL .

cute Kais Foo and me :)

Kent , Angela , Kais :)

my look at the function :)

HAHAHA , i curi tangkap Kais :P

my St,micheal friend , Chan Chung Wai :)

Yi Shuen , Hui Ying and me :)

Yi Shuen and me :)

Hui Ying and me :)

then Hui Ying , Xin Yi , Yi Shuen , Kimixi , Ayden , Chung Wai ,walked to Yik Foong Kopitiam yum cha :)
when we reach there ,
Maggie , Jasmine and Francis meet with us at there .
Ayden broke the ballon that Kais give me also ><
after eating ,
Hui Ying , Xin Yi , Yi Shuen and me went Parade :)

my balloon - blue :(
Kais balloon - red .

when we reach parade ,
i saw Kais , Kent and Alvin at the Converse Shop .
then , i walked with Hui Ying and Xin Yi walked with Yi Shuen :)

Hui Ying and me :)

after taking photo ,
Hui Ying and i went bowling with Kais , Kent and Alvin :P
actually is i called them played with us lar :/
we played together ,
and Kais and Kent become my bowling teacher already :D
cause i use the wrong way to hold the bowling ><
them two teach me to hold it .
HAHA , Teacher Foo and Teacher Chong :D

------ SKIP ------

5.6.2011 ♥

Leo Club's Farewell Party :)
this function was held at ICC Club .
* ICC Club - Ipoh City Country Club .
at the morning ,
Jen Ying fetch us and Xin Yi to Ayden house .
when we reach Ayden house ,
Francis was wait outside Ayden house .
then , we all go inti Ayden's room to make up ourselves :P
* Chee How also at Ayden house too .
the function was start at 9.30am ,
but we go out at 9.15am -.-
Xin Yi , Chee How and me sit Jen Ying's car ,
Francis sit Ayden's car .
cause Ayden need to went to school to fetch Jasmine .
when we reach ,
we saw Jeng Haw and Yi Shyuen was waiting us at outside .
they tell us the function was delay until 10am -.-
when we go in the ICC Club , 
we saw Kent and Wan Xin .
they reach there before 9.30am :/
Poi Lam's Leo just have 11 peoples -.-
2 boards - Jen Ying and Francis .
6 incoming boards - Kimixi , Jasmine , Xin Yi , Chee How , Ayden and me .
3 members - Kent , Wan Xin and Yi Shyuen .
i saw many leng zai and leng lui's Leo there .
same with IR Day , 
we need to shouted "ROAR" from school by school ><
Jen Ying called Jeng Haw shouted "SMJK Poi Lam" ,
and we shouted "ROAR ! ROAR ! ROAR !"
Jeng Haw said he not dare to shouted it ><
but until us to shouted ,
Jeng Haw shouted loudly ,
we all shock and the whole people at there laugh non-stop ><
we all took photo with the Lion Mary Goh and others Lion .

my look at the function :)

jasmine and me :)

Yi Shyuen , Xin Yi , Wan Xin , Jasmine and me :)

Jasmine , me and Wan Xin :)

after finish the function ,
Yi Shyuen , Jeng Haw , Chee Haw , Ayden , Kent and me went to De Garden .
actually we go there for no reason -.-

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